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Sinus Infection and Oral Thrush

Sinus infection could lead to a person having oral thrush due to overprescription of antibiotics for its treatment.

What is Oral Thrush?

Oral thrush, medically known as Oral Candidiasis, is caused by the Candida Ablicans yeast-like organism. Normally, this organism is present in the oral cavities and gastrointestinal tract in a healthy adult without posing any health problems. However, when the balance between this organism and other bacteria in the body is not in equilibrium, the organism multiplies in numbers leading to a fungi infection.

Causes of Oral Thrush

1. Over-consumption of antibiotics and other types of medication.

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to patients who are found suffering from a bacterial sinus infection. These antibiotics will not only eliminate the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in us which does not cause us any harm.

When the good bacteria within our oral cavities are destroyed by the antibiotics, the Candida Ablicans yeast which is not affected, start to multiply uncontrollably.

Long-term consumption of oral and inhaled corticosteroids can also lead to oral thrush.

2. Weakened immune system.

Our body’s natural immune system can sometimes be compromised and impaired due to stress, serious illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, and other fungal infections including fungal sinusitis or fungal sinus infection.

Oral Thrush Symptoms

The most evident symptom of oral thrush is the appearance of curd-like yellow spots in the mouth. Accidental scraping off these spots will cause slight bleeding and the area looks raw.

In adults, oral thrush causes an uncomfortable burning sensation in the mouth and throat.

Sometimes oral thrush may not present itself with yellow spots. This is especially so when the infection is at the back of the throat. When this happens, the back of the throat will look inflamed, red and slightly swollen.

There will be a lot of pain and discomfort felt when you drink and swallow food while eating. You may suspect oral thrush if a sore throat does not go away within a week and linger on for a month.

Oral Thrush Treatment

Most ENT doctors would prescribe Nyastatin oral suspension. This is a very effective antifungal medication and must be taken a directed for a complete cure. Having a diet of yoghurt and consuming lactobacillus acidophilus in sufficient quantities can aid in the recovery process.

Sinus Infection and Oral Thrush Relationship

Why would a sinus infection lead to oral thrush? First of all, it is common for doctors to prescribe antibiotics for sinus infections since early cure for this condition is imperative in order to nip it in the bud.

Unless a culture is taken, which could prove costly to the patient, most doctors would prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic such as Amoxicillin. This antibiotic will usually work unless the bacterium is resistant to it. But in some cases, a patient with a really low immune system may require a stronger dose of antibiotics.

The patient then fails to recover and would need a second course of stronger antibiotics to treat the sinus infection.

Naturally, the good bacteria in the oral cavity die off due to the overconsumption of antibiotics paving the road for an oral thrush infection.

A healthy adult can usually take two to three courses of antibiotics without developing oral thrush. But when one gets oral thrush, it strongly indicates that the person has a very low immune system and he should take immediate steps to improve his health.

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