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Sinus Infection Tooth Pain

Sinus infection tooth pain is a symptom that is often confused with a tooth decay and needs to be looked into quickly.

Some sinus issues are very easy to recognize and treat. Most people know that the sensation of pressure and pain around the nose, face or forehead is a sign that something is going on. They may experience an annoying post nasal drip. Sometimes they have a stuffy nose on top of that.

sinus infection tooth pain

Most of us suffer through sinus irritation that is not bad enough to send them to see the doctor. Especially if it seems that the symptoms come and go and get better on their own. But sometimes they experience sinus infection tooth pain which can be very uncomfortable.

These symptoms can be difficult to understand, especially if their teeth are in good condition. Perhaps they have never had any serious issues concerning their teeth. They take great care of their teeth and brush and floss every day. But suddenly, they experience a sudden, inexplicable pain in one or more teeth in their upper jaw.

Many feel so bad that they decide to call their dentists. But this is not a case of tooth decay. It is caused by a problem with the sinuses. Unfortunately, when the issue has progressed far enough to cause pain in the teeth, it is almost guaranteed that there is a sinus infection present.

Why would an infection in the sinus cause sinus infection teeth pain? Why do the upper teeth hurt and how are they connected to your sinuses? When we look at the causes and symptoms of sinus infection, the answer becomes clearer.

The human head normally contains four sets of sinus cavities. The maxillary sinuses are situated behind your cheek bones and at the back of your upper teeth. Disorders in these facial cavities are often associated with pain in the upper teeth or jaw.

Infection in the maxillary sinuses causes mucus to accumulate inside the cavity. Bacteria can multiply in the mucus. Generally, the sinuses become clogged and cannot drain properly. The space behind the upper teeth can quickly become full of mucus and the tissues lining the sinus can become inflamed. The resulting pressure can cause severe pain.

Pain can often be felt in the cheeks and nose area. Pressure can affect the nerves going to the jaw, which can be felt in your upper teeth. There is also often pain felt in the back teeth.

Of course, a visit to your dentist will reveal nothing wrong with the teeth themselves. Tooth pain stemming from sinus issues is a common problem. But when you pause to consider the presence of other symptoms, the truth of the situation becomes clearer. Tooth pain can be a sign of a sinus infection or sinus inflammation. Your dentist may advise you to schedule an appointment with your physician.

Clearing up the sinus infection and inflammation usually eliminates the tooth pain as well. Most physicians will adopt a two-prong treatment plan to cure a sinus infection.

They will generally prescribe medications to both kill the bacteria causing the infection, and to unblock the passages and promote drainage. Sinus infection treatment is not as effective without addressing both elements.

Oral antibiotics and decongestants are usually prescribed in combination by a doctor to treat the infection. When the infection has resolved, the resulting sinus infection tooth pain and discomfort will generally disappear.

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