Sinus Infection Help

Sinus Pain

Sinus pain is commonly associated with people suffering from acute sinusitis or chronic sinus infection.

Around 40 million Americans have been reported to suffer from a sinus infection annually. The most debilitating sinus infection symptoms experienced by these group of people is sinus pain.

Understanding Sinus Pain

Sinus pain evolves from the inflammation of the mucosa leading to pressure and congestion within the sinus cavities. Depending on which sinus cavity is affected, the pain could be exhibited in the cheeks area, between the eyes, or the front of the head. With a severe bacterial infection there is a possibility that more than one sinus cavity can be affected.

Many people also experience pain in their ears when there is eustachian tube dysfunction arising from an ear infection and their teeth in the upper jaws when there is maxillary sinus infection.

People often make the assumption that they have the cold or the flu when they experience such type of pain. They assume it will disappear on its own after a while and it may with the help with the use of some over the counter drugs. Most people do not realize they have sinus problems though unless the pain becomes unbearable or it continues to repeated over and over again.

Causes of Sinus Pain

Sinus pain is the result of inflammation of the membrane lining of the sinuses after bacteria or a virus has developed in the sinus pathways.

Bacteria commonly pass through them. The sinus produces mucus all the time and these bacteria are flushed out of the sinuses into the back of the throat before they can multiply.

However when the mucus cannot be cleared and the bacteria sticks around, then a problem develops. When that happens, the sinuses and nasal passages are blocked too and that makes it difficult to breathe normally.

When the mucus cannot be cleared from the sinuses, there is pressure built up and the resultant sinus pressure causes pain.

This pain can last for a few days or run into several weeks. Your productivity suffers and you may not be able to concentrate on your work. If you have a history nasal problems with your sinuses and your nose is always blocked, then it is probably a good time to seek medical assistance.

Finding the Root of Sinus Pain

Finding the cause of the pain is usually a job of a qualified doctor. For example, it may be found that you have a decayed upper molar and that has led to a maxillary sinus infection. Sometimes, you may assume that it is tension headache or a migraine attack. You could also assume that your poor vision is affecting you and a pair of new glasses is needed.

Individuals with other health problems often do not realize that they have a sinus problem eat hand. For example, those with upper respiratory conditions such as asthma, a weakened immune system and other conditions such as diabetes, may lump all of their symptoms together and they become confused with what is actually inflicting them.

While allergy is also another cause of sinus infection, it is important to determine what allergens affect you and how you can prevent such allergies before they arise. Allergy medications alone do not effectively fight sinus infection problems.

Sinus Pain Relief

The important step is to know what is the best remedy for an effective relief for your sinus pain. However, when you self-medicate and rely upon over the counter products, you may not be treating the source of the problem.

Your doctor should be able to diagnose your condition accurately. By seeking professional help, you will be less likely to suffer from further sinus pain in the future.

You may need to adjust your lifestyle as well. If you have bad health habits such as lack of exercise, eating the wrong types of food and smoking, you are more likely to suffer from pain brought about by sinus infection.

If you suffer from sinus pain or sinus headache frequently, it is time do something about it. Understanding the causes of sinus infection can help you prevent such pain.

You may also adopt some common but effective home sinus headache remedies or over the counter products for temporary relief. If those do not help, then you should have it investigated by your doctor. It is likely then that you have an acute sinusitis which requires antibiotics.

The longer the sinus problems continue the more damage that will be done to the cilia of the mucosa. In extreme chronic sinus infection cases, sinus surgery may be the last resort in order for you to get sinus pain relief.