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Sinus Polyps

Sinus polyps are more common than people realize. They are a leading cause of sinus infection and pain.

What are Sinus Polyps?

You may not be familiar with sinus polyps, but they are tissues inside of the nose region that can become swollen and inflamed. They can be caused due to allergies but they don’t have to be. Many people assume they can’t have sinus polyps because they aren’t suffering from allergies.

These polyps are tear-shaped and they can be very small or quite large depending on the type of inflammation a person has. They aren’t cancerous cells which is a common myth about them.

Adults are more likely to develop them than children but that doesn’t mean younger individuals are exempt from the possibility of them developing.

Research shows that adults that smoke or have asthma are more likely to develop sinus polyps. Children with cystic fibrosis are at a high risk as well, but those with asthma aren’t.

These nasal polyps will make it extremely difficult to breathe properly. They can also result in your body not being able to allow mucus to drain. The excess fluid that remains in the sinus cavities though can result in an infection developing. I don’t have to tell you that such a situation can make a person extremely uncomfortable.

What are the Symptoms?

There are a handful of symptoms that can indicate you have sinus polyps. They include pain in and around the nose, feeling congested, the inability to smell as well as you normally can, nasal drainage that has a smell to it, and sinus infection that can be chronic in nature.

Individuals that suddenly start to snore while sleeping may have developed them. It is important to understand though that some people don’t experience any of these symptoms.

The only learn that they have sinus polyps after a doctor recommended further testing due to the high number of sinus infections they have suffered from. In fact, sinus polyps are one of the chief causes of sinus infection

How are Sinus Polyps Identified?

There are a variety of ways in which sinus polyps can be correctly identified. The most common procedure involves placing a small telescope into the nose through the nostrils. As it is moved around the images will be displayed to the specialist on a computer screen. They will be able to examine both the inside of the nose and the nasal cavities this way.

Should they find sinus polyps, the exact locations of them will be noted. The size of them as well as the locations will help them to decide the treatment options that are available. You should play a vital role in the decision making process for the treatment so make sure that you ask any questions that you may have.

Removing Sinus Polyps

The first course of action will be to try to reduce the pain and the inflammation around them. This type of treatment can include over the counter medications or prescription medications such as steroids. These types of medications may be needed for a very long time. That way the inflammation doesn’t occur again and the size of them won’t grow.

The sooner that these sinus polyps are identified, the more effective the treatment will be. The problem though is that so many people don’t realize that they have them. Therefore they put off seeking medical treatment.

By the time the pain and the other symptoms get so bad that they can’t handle it, the medications offered may not be powerful to offer much relief. For others, their body simply won’t benefit from the various medications so another option has to be looked at.

If that isn’t a successful means of eliminating sinus polyps, surgery may be necessary. However, your doctor will only go this route if they can’t find other means of taking care of them. Such surgery can be risky but it can also be a way to get the relieve you seek. It is important to understand that even with a successful surgery, they may grow again.

That is why regular checkups after the surgery are so important. If they start to develop again treatment can be started immediately. New medications are offered all the time so in the future there may be one that can take care of your sinus polyps rather than undergoing another surgery.

With the right medical care you can get this common yet annoying ailment taken care of. Don’t be embarrassed or assume that there is nothing going on with your body.

Medical professionals are trained to find and to remove them so that you can feel better. You don’t need to continue suffering from the pain that sinus polyps and nasal polyps can inflict.

In fact, early treatment can help in preventing sinus infection.

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