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Sinus Infection Cure Breathing Technique

Studies have shown that people with breathing disorders such as asthma often have associated nasal problems like sinus infection.

Most nasal problems such as sinus infection (sinusitis) and rhinitis occur because of incorrect breathing. It would seem impossible to breathe through your nose if the nasal passages are chronically blocked. However, there is a quick-fix method which you can use for unblocking your nose. Follow these steps:

  • Inhale and exhale normally.
  • Pinch your nose after exhalation.
  • When you cannot hold any longer, unpinch your nose but keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nostrils using shallow breathing.

By then your nose should become unblocked. A professor by the name of Buteyko discovered in a study that many respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and sinus infection are caused by dysfunctional breathing or over- breathing.

This means that the cause of the illnesses is due to inhaling way too much air into the lungs. Some people are inhaling as much as 8 times more than what is considered a healthy norm. Hyperventilation reduces the carbon dioxide stored in the alveoli of the lungs.

The problem of modern drugs, such as those used in bronchodilators, is that they dilate the bronchial tubes to facilitate more comfortable breathing. These drugs serve only to provide a temporary relief by way of symptomatic treatment. In actual fact, the underlying problem still remains. Long-term usage of these drugs actually aggravates the condition of the patient.

Carbon dioxide is nature’s very own bronchodilator. Boosting the level of carbon dioxide within the body can provide almost instant relief from wheezing, dizziness and coughing associated with respiratory diseases.

Breathing through one’s mouth, as many people with respiratory disorders commonly do, involves inhaling larger volumes of air than is necessary. Apart from detrimentally affecting carbon dioxide levels and increasing the risk of breathing in allergens and pathogens, inhalation through the mouth can irritate the airways causing inflammation, constriction and excessive mucus production.

This often leads to a blocked nose and sinus infection. When the airways become narrowed, breathing becomes labored leading to a panic attack of sort. This compound the problem as one will automatically try to breathe larger volumes of air.

Basics of correct breathing technique

1. Sit comfortably in an upright chair with a watch that has a second hand.

2. Relax and breathe in normally with mouth closed.

3. After exhalation, pinch your nose.

4. With you mouth closed, check to see how many seconds you could comfortably hold your breath before the need to inhale.

5. Check how many seconds have passed before you reach the threshold of discomfort.

6. Remember that you are not actually holding your breath since you have already empty your lungs before you start the count.

7. On resumption of inhalation, try not to breathe in too deeply. Remember to breathe through your nostrils and not your mouth.

8. Do not try to control inhalation for more than 60 seconds. This is very important.

9. Do remember to inhale and exhale shallowly during recovery. Do not breathe in deeply.

The pause of up to 60 seconds is the most ideal. If you manage to hold for 10 seconds or less, it means that you could have some underlying illness. Practice these exercises daily until you are able to achieve the 60 second target.

Try seeing this breathing technique as a form of nutrition. You must always interrupt this exercise routine when you feel uncomfortable.

Do not push yourself to the point where you become uncomfortable just because you wish to see improvement.

The progress must be both natural and gradual. By following this breathing technique, you will soon realize that your nose will no longer be blocked like before and all your sinus infection symptoms would soon disappear!

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